Wildflower Show Update

The 2013 Brisbane Ranges Wildflower Show was a great success on Sunday 13 October

Check out our Media page for some articles about the show.  Highlights again were -

  • GUIDED BUS TOURS online bookings were booked out before the event.
  • Lots of plants were flowering in the park and following the rain and warm weather we had a VERY special display in the park this year.
  • Free workshops
    • morning - identification of ‘pea’ plants  - this was a new workshop this year
    • afternoon - identification of terrestrial orchids
  • Photographic display - with popular choice award
  • Anakie and Meredith Primary Schools created special art displays
  • Food and refreshments were availlable to sustain again this year - with proceeds to the local Anakie Primary School

 We are currently looking at our debriefs and planning future wildflower shows!